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While it wasn’t too long ago since I did one of these, in light of recent world events I’ve decided to host yet another giveaway between March 23rd-27th, 2020 (which is not for another few days, so be sure to set a reminder I will do it for you!). For those who are stuck at home with a lot of extra time on their hands like myself, you may download FREE Kindle eBook copies of the first two books of my sci-fi/dystopian series.

Seraphim ASCENT: First installment of the Project SERAPHIM series. Following an ensemble group of people from various walks of life, somehow connected by an organization of sentient synthetic beings and the tragedies revolving around one woman, who woke up in a morgue with only a toe tag of her name and no memory as to how she got there.

Seraphim STORM: Second installment of the Project SERAPHIM series. A few years after the events of ASCENT, various survivors have moved on in attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives in shambles. But when the synthetics and a cult begin hunting for a particular man with technology they desire that could affect the way of the world, the sleepers are called to wake again.

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In addition, I have arranged a set of playlists for the Project SERAPHIM series to listen to while reading. Music has always been a source of creative inspiration to me ever since I started writing, and with the wonderful thing that is technology I am now able to share that inspiration with the world. Particularly you can listen to the playlists for ASCENT and STORM on Spotify.

As we weather our own storms together, I will take advantage of this time to further work on (finally) preparing the third installment of the series. Thank you for your time and patience and please be sure to eventually leave a review, as it helps indie writers a great deal!

More news to follow!

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