episodes completeWith the growth of Kindle, I’ve decided to take a page from a fellow author friend’s book (no pun intended) by trying something a little different.

Seraphim Ascent is a big book. Albeit significantly shorter than its previous drafts, I managed to cap it at 150,000 words. On the Kindle, however, I realize that reading larger content books can be a little daunting on both the eyes and spirit.

Seeing that the book has already been split into four “parts”, I’ve taken the initiative and serialized them into “episodes”, since that seems to be what all the cool cats are doing these days.

Don’t worry, the complete version will still be available on both Kindle and Paperback. But for those who want to read smaller chunks at a more discounted price on their handy dandy mobile devices, click on the thumbnails below to purchase the Serial Edition of Book One of the PROJECT SERAPHIM Series. Read Episode One at .99¢ or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

episode 1 episode 2 episode 3 episode 4


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